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Christmas Information

Christmas Party!

  • December 16th 10:00am-11:30am

  • Our party will be held at the studio.

  • We will have a fun gift exchange game- so please send a wrapped gift in the $5-$10 range appropriate for their age group. We will sit in a circle at the end of the party and play pass the present!

  • We also have a tradition of the girls wearing cute party wear so please wear your favorite dress or holiday wear!

  • Pizza and sweets will be served so send your kiddos hungry.

  • If your child has allergies, please stop in and check on what we are serving and feel free to send any snacks they can enjoy.


Christmas Break!

  • Monday, December 18th – Tuesday, January 2nd

  • Classes resume Wednesday, January 3rd

  • We follow the CISD school schedule


Recital Costumes!

  • Costumes are being ordered over the break.

  • All remaining costume fees will be auto- debited December 15th as we cannot order costumes for dancers with unpaid fees and this will be the only order we place and we don't want anyone left out! 


Important Dates!

  • Monday, January 15th: MLK Day Classes ARE in session

  • March 11-18: Spring Break, no classes

  • Sunday, May 20th: recital for all dancers and dress rehearsal for first grade and up


We wish everyone a blessed and restful break and look forward to 2018!


Miss Rachel    

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