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 Candystore Suite

Candystore Suite flyer.png

  • All Kindergarten and older Ballet students will be learning their choreography in class during the months of January and February

  • This will be an In-Studio performance. 

  • We will present our half-hour long ballet in two performances on Saturday, February 22nd 

    • 2:00 pm for dancers whose last name begins with A-L 

    •  3:00pm for dancers whose last name begins with M-Z

    •  Preceded by a Noon rehearsal for all dancers.

  • Due to studio space limitations for our audience, we will be dividing parents up by student's last name and assigning a performance for their audience. 

  • As space is limited, please keep audience members to a minimum. This is a Valentine's treat for our student's parents. Grandparents and all other special visitors should be invited to our May 18th recital where you may bring as many people as you wish!

  • Costumes will either be things you already have at home or provided by the studio. Teachers will be communicating those notes in class.

Look for more information soon! 

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Saturday, February 22nd our kindergarten and older ballet students will present our original

in-studio ballet

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