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Class Dress Requirements


We ask our dancers to take preparing to come to class seriously ~ it shows everyone that they are ready to work hard and take class seriously and puts your dancer in the frame of mind to work hard! You couldn't play soccer if you showed up and a leotard and tights!


In order to make corrections that will not only help your dancer improve also but keep them safe by working on correct alignment~ teachers must be able to see your dancer's body line which cannot happen in baggy clothes with hair in their face.


Here is the dress code for our studio ~ remind your dancer to dress correctly. We really don't like having to ask dancers to sit out and watch class if they're not dressed properly with their hair down but we will to keep them safe and progressing! 


Plus they all love earning bun bucks for being prepared for class!



  • Ballet, Pointe and Tap Attire:

    • Black leotard

    • Pink tights

    • Pink ballet or pointe shoes

    • Black tap shoes. Young dancers should have the laces removed and elastic ties inserted.

    • Hair up away from face preferably in a neat bun.

    • Boys: white t-shirt, black dance pants or shorts, black ballet shoes and tap shoes


  • Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz Funk, Drill Team, Musical Theater: 

    • Any color leotard

    • Tights, leggings, jazz or yoga pants (Knees must be covered to avoid injury when doing floor work)

    • Hair up away from face preferably in a neat bun.

    • Shoes

      • Jazz: black laceless jazz shoes

      • Contemporary or Lyrical: tan paws or tan jazz shoes

      • Drill Team: white tennis keds and black jazz shoes

      • Hip Hop: black jazz sneakers or jazz shoes

    • Boys: t-shirt, jazz pants or sweat pants so knees are covered and black jazz sneaker or jazz shoes. Tennis shoes for hip hop

  • Acro for Dancers:

    • Any color leotard​

    • Leggings of any color

    • Hair up away from face preferably in a neat bun.

    • Jazz: black laceless jazz shoes

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