Interested in being a part of our award winning company?

Auditions will be held in July 8 & 9 live and virtually

Email with any questions!

Please check back as the audition info may change due to state and county Covid-19 regulations. 


Our dancers and staff consider MSSoD Co. more than an activity ~ it's our second family and the studio is our second home!

Although it is a competition company, we place much more value on the life lessons our dancers learn through the company...


PERSEVERANCE, DISCIPLINE AND HARD WORK:  In dance, pushing beyond limits and making progress comes in a way to which today's instant gratification society is not accustomed. Instead, progress comes in the extra millisecond that you hold your balance, the half of a revolution you add to your turn or the quarter of an inch higher you hold your leg. That on the 50th time through the number you finally got it all right! Our dancers learn to find the joy in those moments, celebrate their friends when it happens and to work hard daily to find them. 


DEDICATION AND TEAM WORK: Company dance is never all about you. Your team is depending on you to show up for every class, to work hard to know your choreography, spots, counts and to be there for the dancer that is jumping to you. They are counting on you to go home and rehearse so you are even better at the next class. 


HUMILITY: You won't always be the best dancer at every competition but you can be the best person! We teach our dancers to look toward the better dancers, learn from and appreciate them. We stress being kind and patient with dancers less advanced than you because once upon a time that was you and will be again as you progress and grow as a dancer. Being a wonderful dancer is important but being a wonderful person is even more so.


LEADERSHIP: Our company girls are the leaders in our studio and everywhere they go! We ask them to assist classes, demonstrate choreography, take a new student under their wing! MSSoD dancers have gone on to be captains, lieutenants and members of the Coppell Lariettes and Silver Stars, Kilgore Rangerettes, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Texas and Creighton pom squads. Even Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and Miss Texas! They are student ambassadors, NHS, NJHS, choir, band, orchestra and much more!


MSSoD Co. 19-20!
Company Big Sis / Lil Sis Reveal!

          Melva Smith School of Dance 

        1203 Crestside Drive Ste 220 Coppell, Texas 75019

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