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Currently we are in...

Going above and beyond for our student's safety

We are proud to announce that in addition to our normal and mandated cleaning procedures, we have gone above and beyond and invested in dry fogging the entire studio using Moldbusters' DRYpure and EVERpure system.  

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Additionally, both our teaching rooms have been outfitted with Medify medical grade true HEPA air purifiers

Scroll down to read all our additional safety and sanitization measures.

  • Studio is open for in-person classes. 

  • Class sizes are back to normal.

  • Lobby is open to parents. 

  • Space and props will be shared.

  • Students can attend makeup classes in person

  • Masks not required. Dancers are welcome to wear one if they prefer.

  • Studio and restroom sanitized between classes and end of day as usual.

  • Studio is open for in-person classes. Limited class size.

  • Arrive dressed for class. Bathroom is for emergencies only.

  • Staff and students in lobby only. Teachers assist in drop off / pick up

  • No parents or visitors allowed in the lobby or studio areas. 

  • Drop off at the back door entering from Wrangler. Pick up from the front door.

  • Masks are mandatory to enter and exit the studio. Once in their assigned dance square they may remove or wear it if they or parents prefer. 

  • Students temperatures are taken and hand sanitizer given upon entry. Temps of 100.4 or higher will be not be allowed in the studio.

  •  Six by Six assigned dance squares are marked off on the floor so each dancer can have their own space.

  • No shared props.

  • Rooms and bathroom are sanitized between each class. Teachers will let in the next class when finished.Please be patient.

  • All makeup classes will be online

  • Studio is closed to in-person classes.

  •  All classes are taught virtually online using the normal class schedule.

Dance Safely: procedures during modified classes

We are currently in normal classes stage. Should we need to return to modified classes we will implement the following procedures. 

Poster_ MSSoD 5678 Dance Safely  Covid P

Studio Safety 

We are currently in normal classes stage. Should we need to return to modified classes we will implement a number of physical studio updates and changes to keep our students dancing safely.

  • Studio:  deep cleaned and sanitized between classes.

  • Our sprung, hardwood dance floors have been deep cleaned, and re-sealed.

  • Anything that could be shared:  props, books, soft furnishings, will be removed.

  • Hall dance bag hooks have been removed. Dancers will keep bags in their dance room.

  • Classes will end ten minutes early to allow time for dancers to exit before the next class arrives and to sanitize the rooms and bathroom. Please be on time so dancers do not have to wait. 

  • Dancers will be asked to stay socially distant during class.

  • Teachers will have a six foot deep teaching alley at the front of the class to minimize contact.

  • Teachers will wear masks when greeting and dismissing students and anytime they are closer than six feet. 

  • The lobby will close to everyone except staff and students..

  • We have hand sanitizer in each studio, as well as at the front desk 

Should I attend class decision tree

  • If your dancer is feeling unwell or may have been exposed to Covid-19 they must stay at home,.

  • Contact us HERE and we will have them either BAND or Zoom a makeup class .

  • If they feel well enough to dance today and we have notice, we can get you a link to their actual attend from home.

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Should any / all classes be required to go virtual

  • Should any or all classes be required to go virtual due to Covid restrictions, they will continue at the same day, time & length via Zoom and /or Band at the same tuition. rate.

  • To drop either a class or from the studio completely  this drop form must be submitted at least a week before the first of the month auto- billing. 

  • Please note within five days of submitting the form below, you will be sent a confirmation email which is your official withdraw confirmation. If you do NOT receive the withdraw confirmation email, please contact the office ASAP, at 972.393.7086.  as the form submission may not have been successful.

  • Registration fees are non-refundable.

  • Tuition will not be pro-rated if dropped.